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Why SEO is IMPORTANT for small business

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Firstly lets start by explaining what SEO is exactly,

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines like Google, Bing or other.

“SEO simply put is the process of making sure that search engines like Google will rank your website higher when a user searches for keywords pr phrases relevant to your business. With that said, it becomes apparent why SEO is important as it helps with getting more visitors and sales/sales leads/sales enquiries”

We must first boost our domain authority, there are many ways to achieve this, firstly your website must have a solid foundation and structure and follow the google web vitals protocol, read more in this article, google web vitals explained.

In 2023 the absolute best tool for a business to improve on their SEO would be to have a blog section on their website with regular articles on your industry, with regular blog content google will view your website as an authority on the subject matter as you are taking the time to generate regular content on the subject.

At WDA Design we dominate the ranking for several search phrases in our field, this is predominantly down to the regular changes we make to both our website and uploading frequent blogs. Articles being generated must be 100% hand written and genuine otherwise you will have the opposite effect and you will plummet down the rankings after being penalised. We specialise in generating professional written content for many clients, if you are interested in any of these services please see our packages and pricing.

SEO for small businesses can be key to your company's growth. Think about this for a second, all of the TOP 100 companies in the world invest heavily in both SEO and advertising, WHY, because it works and generates a huge percentage of their traffic which generates leads and sales.

Now, advertising is a revenue stream that some small business owners do not wish to have as a constant monthly expense, a way to combat this is SEO, climb those rankings organically and when you start to see the organic traffic you can consider scaling back on your advertising budget, or stop it completely.

Another crucial part of your SEO strategy should be to obtain high quality back links to your website or blog, this should at the forefront of your SEO strategy. Links from high authority and trusted websites signals to Google that you are also a trusted authority, a thumbs up that you are generating great content.

This is easier than you think, simply create a fantastic article then use the free “Link Broken” tool on Google chrome extensions to search for websites that have broken links on an article similar you the one you have just written. Be sure to contact websites that have a high Domain Authority so you can get some of that link juice. The owner of a high DA website will know that broken links are not a good look for his or her website so they are on most occasions only to eager to link to your content, if they feel its quality and of course is relevant to their subject, which you have already established it is.

Now back to the aforementioned Domain Authority, or DA, is ranked on a scale of 1 to 100. The higher the number, the more authoritative that website is. On a very rare occasion will you see a website with a low Domain Authority rank above a website with a higher domain authority.

Check your DA using this FREE TOOL

For your SEO strategy you should be looking for backlinks from websites with a Domain Authority of nothing less than +30.

Google ranking through SEO

If your vehicle requires a service, would you take to a garage that you know is open 1 day a month or to the garage that’s open 5 days a week, EXACTLY.

A similar principle can apply to Google, do you think they would rank higher the website that gives there site attention, regular changes updates and content. Of course they would rank higher the website who has the lights ON.

Now many other factors come into play when ranking a website but you simply cannot expect to implement a strategy for a few weeks/months then abandon the ship.

You must have a relentless focus to achieve your ranking, and yes we can all have a break as other life events swallow up our time but you must always return to your business website and give the attention it deserves, you could say this is your business shop window to the world.

Don’t be stuck down a side street with little traffic, stay on the high street of mall where all the traffic is.

The Importance of having an SEO Strategy

It is so important that you do your due diligence and research around search keyword and phrases, there are many free SEO tools our there that will help you determine each volume, you must also pay close attention to the amount of competition for a particulate keyword or phrase. Some of the best golden nuggets to help with a higher ranking win Google and to boost your Domain Authority can be fount with humble volume with low competition.

Let me give you a quick example of research, below we were conducing research for a UK based holiday park. They offered holidays in luxurious lodges and all the lodges had a hot tub.

Our first search was “LODGE WITH HOT TUB IN SCOTLAND” you can see this phrase has zero search volume so would have been a complete waste of our time and would have yielded very little if any search volume to our website.

However when we made the working plural LODGES WITH HOT TUBS IN SCOTLAND the results had MASSIVE search volume. From zero volume to 33,100 searches per month with changing only 2 words to plural.

We created a campaign to target this phrase and 9 months later we are generating leads and sales after directing over 3,000 visitors every month from this one searched for phrase direct to our website. This resulted in increased sales and rentals to the holiday park.

Above shows the crucial importance of due diligence when doing Keyword research when creating an effective SEO content strategy. Firstly be sure that the search phrase has good search volume,

SEO benefits for small businesses

The statistics below demonstrate the importance to optimise your local search efforts. People are looking for small businesses in your area, SEO will help you secure these leads.

Over 50% of all Google searches are made by people looking for local services, wether it be a car garage for repair, events website to celebrate an upcoming event, restaurant, plumber, joiner or electrician.

Over 90% of people searching never go beyond the first page, hence the reason for SEO to rank higher in these searches, the first page is the hight street wheres the second page is down a side street.

To expand on this further:

Below is statistics from the ranking position on Google using figures over two years (Source: Chat Meter).

Position 1 of local search rankings get 24.46% of all clicks.

Position 2 of local search rankings get 13.38% of all clicks.

Position 3 of local search rankings get 10.12% of all clicks.

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