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This is the privacy notice of WDA Design based in Aberdeen Scotland. 


This Data privacy notice is provided to fulfill our obligations under General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It requires accountability and transparency from us concerning your personal information, giving you control over how we use it.


We are to inform you of  WDA Design, all our data policies notice explains about all information that we collect, whether personal data from and about you, why we do so and we treat this information. The privacy policy sets out all conditions under which we may process any information that we collect from you, or that you provide to us.


WDA Design takes your privacy and confidentiality seriously. We have given ourselves to this work and we are dedicated to making sure your information is safe with us. We know that all our clients have the right to know how we use their personal information. 


 Collecting and Using Your Personal Data

Personal information is used on our website for different purposes. One of the major reasons is to identify and contact you. This information may be your Email address, First name, and last name, Phone number, Address, State, Province, ZIP/Postal code, and City. 


We have to make sure that the information you avail to us stays private without sharing with a third party. The legal basis for processing personal data is normally done following relevant legislation. We have to make sure that all information is available to you. This applies on all bases, whether the personal data was obtained directly from you or the other sources.

We will also provide a Data Privacy Statement upfront whenever you are sharing personal information. We also ensure that the information provided is detailed and specific and that the information is understandable and accessible.



Data Protection Principles

We collect and process personal data only for the purposes for which it is collected.  As we collect the information from you, we are going to give you details of why we want it and what we are going to do with it. 

All our processing of personal data is conducted following the data protection principles that have been set out by relevant legislation bodies. All privacy policies that we have for you are in line with UK law and EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


You can through the information shared through You will be able to get more details.



How we process information about you

The law has guided us on six defined bases that we use to process different categories of your personal information and to notify you of the basis for each category.

We shall stop processing your data when the basis of processing becomes obsolete or irrelevant. When this basis changes like requirements by law, we shall notify you and of any new basis that we will be using to continue to process your information.

  1. Information that we process because of a contractual obligation with you

  2. The contract starts between you and us immediately when you create an account on our website, buy a product or service from us, or otherwise agree to our terms and conditions, 

  3. We must first start by processing your submitted information for us to start doing our obligations under the contract we have with you. 

  4. We will use the information in different ways;-

  5. To do identity verification.

  6. Services and products marketing and selling.

  7. Provide you with our services

  8. Advice to you 

  9. By you having a contract with us, we will process the information that you have authorized us to use before we enter into a legal contract.

  10. We will not publish your personal information, although we may aggregate this information in a general way like using it to provide class information. 

  11. We will only use this information when our contract between us exists. If it is the contract is terminated by either party, your information is of no use to us.


 Information we process with your consent

  1. You will need to provide your consent when processing information that may be personal when performing specific tasks. This is done when we do not have a contract with you. For example, you can request us to provide more details about us including [job opportunities and] our products and services. In such a case, we need consent, 

  2. Approving or agreeing to our cookies is one way to have consent that can work for us.

  3. You will be giving us your consent implicitly, by, for example, when you send an e-mail to respond. 

  4. We will never use your information by identifying you accept circumstances where you have consented to our use of your information for a specific purpose. 

  5. We will refer you to service providers or products that are useful to you when you give us such permission. 

  6. We will be guided by the contract set that bides us until you terminate your consent or it can be reasonably assumed that your consent no longer exists.

  7. You may terminate your consent at any time.  After termination, you will not be able to use our website or our services further.

A legal duty on processing Information

  1. The legitimate interest will guide us in processing information.

  2. In the event we process the information on this basis, we do after having given careful consideration to:

  3. Whether we have other options to achieve the same objective 

  4. If we are putting ourselves and you at risk as we do processing or not processing 

  5. If you would want data to be processed or otherwise.

Different scenarios can lead us to process your data. Here are the scenarios


  1. When responding to any communication that we do not understand very well.

  2. When we want to keep records so that we may administrate properly when the need arises.

  3. Because of legal rights when protecting and asserting rules.

  4. When managing a risk.

  5. When we are doing our duties as we safeguard our business.

  6. Legal obligation

We do this because:-

This is the right thing to do and we are legally obligated to do it. We have to legally follow the law and comply with the rules that are set and guidelines that have been set for us to follow.

How we use information that you submit to us

Information provided on the understanding that it will be shared with a third party

Information that is posted on our website cannot be controlled. Anyone can read, copy, download, or use in any way possible. We cannot limit people on the use of the information that is posted on our website and it's on the public domain.

We cannot control such information like:

  1.  Posted messages or comments on our forum or blogs.

  2.  Image tagged on our website. It is up to you to know what to post. You need to know the implications of any shared information in the public domain.

  3. Any shared information in forums, we do not use except to allow it to be displayed or shared.

  4. We always store the information shared and we have a right to use it in the future in any way we decide.

  5. We have no control of any information in the public domain. We accept no responsibility for their actions at any time.


We are always ready to delete the personal information that you post, provided your request is reasonable and there is no legal basis for us to retain it. You can request by contacting us throughout contacts.

Content Complaints on our website

  1. We cannot be able to control or moderate user-generated content immediately. It takes time.

  2. We follow due process.

  3. We shall remove content when we feel it is justified or if we believe the law requires us to do while we investigate.

  4. As much as free speech is a fundamental right for everyone, a judgment will be made on investigating whose rights were obstructed; yours, or that of the person who posted the content that offends you.

  5. When we do our investigation and find out that your complaint has no basis, we will not respond to you or even do anything about it.

 Vacancy opening

 We always keep any job application information for up to years in case we decide to contact you when we have a job opening.

  1. Contacting our support team 

  2. Any message sent to us always has is collected from our contacts, telephone conversation, or emails send to us. We collect the data you have sent to us to respond with the information you need.

  3. We always record your requests. All our responses are also recorded for purposes of increasing the efficiency of our Business.

  4. We always keep personally identifiable information associated with your messages, such as your name and email address for us to be able to track our communications with you for purposes of improving our services.

  5. Complaining

  6. We have an obligation of solving any issue that comes as we do our business. That is the reason why we record any complaint that comes to us from you.

  7. After recording your complaint, we go through it and do more investigation to find a lasting solution.


Cookies Policy

  1. Cookies are data files that are put in place on your devices when you go online through your web browser. They do not do any harm to your devices but help in making websites efficient. They are standard for most websites and provide information for us. They gather information like the number of people visiting the website. They use the information to gather to give the user a personalized experience.

  2. Cookies don't collect personal information like users' names, addresses but may collect general information like internet domain, IP address, type of browser, pages visited, date, and time.

  3. Collected information is used for statistics and administrative needs.

  4. Cookies are deleted, and your browser should allow this. It should also allow you to choose the cookies you want or prevent some functionalities.

  5. Cookies settings are flexible and can be adjusted according to your preferences. Turning on and off is not hard. It is good that you don't turn it off because it may result in a loss of some functionalities.

  6. Our website uses cookies that are placed by software which we use from a third party.

  7. We always ask you if you want to use the cookies on your first visit to our website. On accepting, our cookies will be stored on your device.



Personal identifiers  and Browsing activities

  1. We record all requests that are made from your web browser to our servers. This can be for web pages and any other content.

  2. We also record different information such as your physical location, IP address, and Internet service provider you are using. 

  3. Software information that you are using to go through our website is very important to us. We shall record it. This information is such as the type of computer being used or device and the screen resolution that fits our website and so on.

  4. This is the information we only use to do statistics like assessing the popularity of our web pages. We also check how we are performing online.

  5. There are possibilities of using past information about you and the present one to personally identify you even when you are not logged into our website.

Re-marketing usage

  1. By the use of the information we have gathered about you, we can know your preferences. This is remarking. We do this by suggesting to you what you may be looking for like products or services.

  2. A third party can help us with remarketing to you. We do this when we have your permission through the acceptance of cookies. When you see our products and services on other websites that is because you have given us your consent to do so.

  3. Declaration and sharing of your personal information

Third parties information

  1. We can never give out personal information to any other person. We only use data we receive when you go through the websites that you have used and whose we use their services.

  2.  Third-party advertising on our website

  3. You might see advertisements on our website from other websites. We do not have control of which advertisement we pop up.

  4. Third-party websites can use their ways such as cookies or other technologies like Java Scripts to know your preferences and give you are personalised content such as advertisements of things that interest you. 

  5. They do this to measure and assess their performance.

  6. Such advertisements and technologies are hard to control and we do not have control over them. 

  7. Credit reference

  8. We are against fraudulent activities, therefore, we work hand in hand with agencies that combat fraud activities by sharing information that can assist. Credit reference agencies may need the information to help in dealing with requests from our clients or customers. This may be cancellation of transactions or double transactions or erroneous transactions.

Data may be processed outside the European Union

  1. The location of our hosting server in Europe.

  2. Due to our aspect of business, we always outsource services from outside countries in the EU.

  3. It is okay to process data that is obtained from the UK or any other place outside the EU.

  4. Just to give an example, we use software that has been developed in USA and Australia.

  5. Due to this, we have come up with safeguards to help when we do data transfer happening from outside the EU:

  6. We use a processor that is within the corporate group of the business. We always follow the corporate rules that safeguard data processing.

  7. The transfer clause is included in the data protection clauses. It is in the contracts with data processors which is written and approved by an EU supervisory authority.

  8. We make sure that we act within the code of conduct which has been approved by the EU's supervisory authority.


What you can do to your Personal information 

  1. You are free to review, make changes and even update the personal information that we have about you. You only need to sign in, access your account and make changes. 

  2. For us to give you a copy of the information you want, kindly send us a request using our contacts from the website.

  3. When we receive a message regarding your request, we will give you details of when we will provide all information. If there are fees to be paid, we will let you know on time.


 Removal of your information

  1. Kindly do not hesitate to contact us regarding any personal information you need to be removed.

  2. All this may mean that the service we give to you may be limited by it.


Verification of your information

  1. We will contact you to know your customer guidelines, to verify the identity when we receive any request. We can edit access or delete personal information. Before accepting any of your requests or attending to them, we must make sure that we are dealing with the right person.


 Other matters

  1.  How children use our website

  2. Our website does not do any products or services for children. 

  3. For those that are under 18 and want to use our services and products, they must do so only with authorisation from their parents or guardian.

  4. Whether a user is a child, we always collect data from all our users regardless of age.

  5. We do not have control of what any child views on our site. Therefore, any visitor will be able to view all content from the site and any advert that appears.





Encryption of data sent between us

  1. For verification purposes of your identity, we make use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates that encrypt the data and make sure it's secure from hackers.

  2. For you to be sure that the SSL is working, check out a padlock symbol or trust mark in the browser's URL that appears when there is an information transfer between us and you on the website.

How you can complain

Contact us when you have anything to share with us when you are not happy with our privacy policy or even our services or products.

We will always try to solve all disputes on time. We will use all means to settle all issues to make sure we come up with a solution even if it means we do mediation or arbitration.

3.        You are entitled to complain, ask and enquire with the Information commissioner office or any other office when you are not satisfied with our way of processing your personal information. Kindly use this link: //

The retention period for personal data

  1. Except if things change, we only keep your persona information until it is not needed anymore. This is to:

  2. To enable us to give you what you need and act on your requests such as services and products.

  3. To enable us to be legally right with the law until the period elapses.

  4. It helps us when we are in the court of law by giving evidence, supporting and defending any claim.

Compliance with the law

  1. We have compiled the privacy policy to enable us to be legally right with every law of every country in which we are pursuing to do business. Kindly let us know your views on our privacy policies, we would like to know if it satisfies you.

  2. You have a choice to use our website. We encourage you to use it knowing you are covered by our privacy policies.

Privacy policy reviewing

  1. Due to changes in the technological world, we will be updating these policies when the need arises. The policies will only apply to you when you use our website. You may print policies to have a hard copy.

  2. You are free to contact us anytime when you have any questions regarding

Website Payments

Such websites that have a monthly debit shall pay on the 1st of every month.   Deposits to be paid as per agreed contract, final payment within 48 hours of website going live. 

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