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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing will help grow your business.

Increase your online presence, brand awareness drive traffic to your website and increase sales.   


With our  Digital Brand Accelerator.  We provide start-ups an unfair advantage

Small Business

For small businesses who are not sure about Social Media Marketing  yet, but still want to give it a try.


2 Social Accounts

5 Social Posts / Week

Promotional Material

Medium Business

For medium businesses who definitely see the value and want to Social Media Marketing


3 Social Accounts

Daily Social Posts 

Promotional Material

Analytics reports


Corporate Business

For businesses who are ready rank on Google  and want a dedicated Social Media Management solution


Unlimited Accounts

Unlimited Social Posts 

Promotional Material

Analytics reports

Blog Posts weekly


Analyse various Social Platforms to establish what works for your business via the various social platforms.

Develop Strategy

Create regular social posts across several platforms that are engaging to a potential customer,  use this to create social signals. 


Engage Customers

Publish on social media platforms, engage with customers, discover new trends and track performance.

Increase Sales

Manage an effective Social Media Campaign that increases the awareness of your brand, driving traffic and increasing sales

The Power of Social Media Marketing

Below example shows over 130,000 view on only 3 social posts on a single platform for a social media marketing campaign.  This demonstrates the reach on social platforms to enhance your online profile, increase brand awareness traffic and sales!


What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media is just one of digital marketing strategies and is the process of managing a business online profile through social platforms LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok and Google.  


At Aberdeen Website Design we analyse your potential audience and tailor content toward them, our aim is to increase engagement while enhancing the profile your brand and company profile.   

We can reach your target audience through creative & engaging communications.


Increase  your brand awareness. traffic and SALES!


Publish on social, engage with customers, discover trends, track performance. 

We will develop a strategy that works for you. 

Why Efficient Social Media for Business is Important

Many customers contact via these social platforms to ask question, lost & found, reservations to thank and review your business.   The business potential of social networking platforms is immense.  


You can use these platforms to showcase you brand, increasing awareness and ultimately increasing sales and visitors to your business website.  Many of these social post will also have links back to your website,  this is great social signal for the SEO algorithms. 


See some examples of businesses utilising social media platforms below,  in some cases companies have internal social media managers, others will source this to a social media management company like Website Design Aberdeen.

We can grow your business by managing your social platforms,  contact us today.   Enhance your business online profile,  increase brand awareness, traffic and sales.  


Set your business up for success in the coming year by emailing us with a list of your social accounts and business goals. We will manage every aspect of your presence on the platforms, effectively growing your audience base while engaging with customers already viewing your content.


At WDA Design Aberdeen, we help you reach your audience more effectively using the wide range of social media platforms out there. There are over two billion social network users around the world, and with the average user spending over three hours a day on their smartphone and tablet, it's just not possible to ignore this platform. Let us help you build a powerful presence using dynamic content and highly engaged followers that can boost your sales.


Social media marketing is a strategy utilising social media networks as public relations and marketing tools. In today’s business environment, companies need to leverage every tool at their disposal, and social media can be one of the most effective – this makes social media marketing an important tool for businesses looking to grow their online presence and traffic.


You don't need to be a dedicated social media manager to enjoy the benefits of social media marketing for your business. If you feel overwhelmed by the task of managing several platforms simultaneously or prefer to focus your efforts on other aspects of your business, we can help. Social media is one way businesses can reach out to their target audience and market products and services in an effective and cost-efficient manner.


At WDA Design Aberdeen, we use cutting edge SEO techniques to ensure your business stands out on the web. With a strong presence on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google +, your business is well placed for higher ranking with search engines. We guarantee our efforts result in an online visibility boost for your business. 

WDA Design have clients in the United Kingdom, United States of America and Canada.  With our social media strategy we begin analysing KIP’s (key performance indicator) we take the time to research your target audience and analyse metrics.


Our techniques work as we follow this same strategy with relentless focus, our SMM packages include creating all the content for you. 


Building an effective social media strategy with the correct techniques will organically increase all of your other inbound marketing.


Contact us today to Grow your business!



Use the Power of Social Media to immediately release a statement like Asda's example.




In this post Haven Holidays can respond to a dissatisfied customer.  The alternative to this post may have bee a negative review that could have resulted in loss of business for Haven Holidays. 

Haven Holidays


Almost everyone who visits the Greek Island of Santorini post the pictures on their social accounts.  Santorini is one of the most posted holiday vacations on Instagram, all the stunning hotels on the Island know the power of Social Media and they are all highly active on the Social Networks.

Astarte Suites
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