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Website Design Aberdeen SEO Focus

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Most business owners are unaware of SEO and its importance, most are satisfied with an asthetic functional website. At WDA Design Aberdeen SEO and a first page ranking for our clients is our principle goal, anything less is a failure. We have a relentless focus on SEO and implanment very early in the design stage of creating a website.

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The importance of SEO and your website ranking for particular phrases in you niche / market can be likened to a store on the high st

reet with a beautiful display window, to that of a shop down a side street with no window. The shop on the high street will get way more traffic.

Websites are online platforms that are accessible to the public for information, entertainment, or business purposes. A website is the collection of web pages coded in HTML and includes pages such as ‘homepage, about us page, contact us page’ that are linked to each other.

Web design is the design of a website that is displayed on the internet. Website designer Aberdeen works on developing professional websites that provide an excellent user experience. He has a team of expert designers that are well-trained and experienced in their craft.

Seo pyramid credited to Rand Fishkin, SEOmoz

We create attractive websites with perfect layouts. The appearance of the website matters the most for attracting more traffic. Since mobile is the most used gadget worldwide so, a website design has to work well for desktop as well as mobile.

Seo pyramid credited to Rand Fishkin, SEOmoz

Web designers build websites and design web pages that are user-friendly. The visual aspect of a website is more important than we might think. It is no surprise that websites represent the purpose they serve, and while designing, these aspects have to be considered well in time.

If a website belongs to a business site, it is more inclined towards subtle colors with professional designs. An Entertainment website can be a mixture of fun and experimental colors and layout. While an Infotainment website supposedly caters to aesthetics as well as an appearance that is more trustworthy.

digital marketing aberdeen

Digital Marketing Aberdeen

Digital marketing WDA Design locatd in Aberdeen is an advertisement company that involves certain strategies to promote your products or services. Let’s dive deeper to know more about what digital marketing is and why it’s important for your business.

I. What is Digital Marketing?

Digital media has become such a vast area of making business, finding information, and getting entertained that it is accessed by anyone and everyone at any time. Digital marketing is any marketing strategy that uses electronic devices to advertise any product or service.

To cut it short, digital marketing is a pretty cost-effective method that connects businesses to their consumers.

II. Why is it Important?

Digital marketing has topped all the other marketing methods because it has the capacity to reach millions without spending a fortune. Since there are billions of internet users so advertising your business with digital marketing is a very smart move. You also have the ability to only display to a certain audience, for example you can target certain age and location, this is especially useful for a local business who only wants to target potential clients in their area.

III. Most useful Digital Marketing Methods and Platforms

Digital marketing is used by all and benefits everyone alike only if practiced with the right strategy. There are multiple methods and platforms that are utilized to promote marketing on digital media. We have listed them below so you have a look and find the right medium for promoting your business.

a. SMM

Social media marketing, aka SMM, is the most fruitful medium to market your business brand. It uses different social media sites such as

· Facebook

· Instagram

· Twitter

· LinkedIn

These social sites are used to interact and socialize. However, with the new boom in social networking, these mediums are now used for marketing your products or services with organic strategies or sponsored ads. Whatever the site may be, you can now use it as a digital medium for advertisement.

b. PPC

Pay per click, aka PPC, can be used on different social sites such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, and Pinterest. Marketers can use these to show their ads to the audience searching for the terms related to the products or services.

c. SEO

Search engine optimization, aka SEO, is the ranking technique. It uses specific strategies to rank a website on Google which can eventually be accessed by millions. This audience is the potential customer that is most likely going to convert into a consumer.

The websites rank when searched by any user on the basis of relevant keywords he uses to search for the query, service, or product.

d. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is an effective way to find potential customers. Brands and businesses partner with famous celebrities or websites in order to attract their audience. This helps them both the celebrity as well as the brand as they both get access to each other’s audience and broaden their circle.

Moreover, this kind of marketing is getting rise since the famous party gives recommendations to its audience and on the basis of which the audience decides if they want to go for the purchase or not. But this marketing has positive feedback from the audience.

e. Email Marketing

Emails are thought of as dull, boring, and something that’s only from work. But that’s not correct anymore because brands use email marketing to promote their businesses.

They send emails with deals and offers that have maximum chances to convert.

f. Content Marketing

Content marketing is quite a practice these days and is a useful method to do business. Creators produce content to answer the queries of the consumer and try to convince them through images, videos, and text that plays quite a role in converting.

The content is created in a manner to aware, make-believe, and take decision strategies for the consumer.

g. Affiliate Marketing

Marketers use this method to sell products and services that are not their own, but they get a share of the sale they make. The idea is that the marketer promotes another company’s products under a commitment of getting the % of the sales they will make.

h. Sponsored Content

Paid ads are an instant method to reach an audience. To do so, you pay the site for the ads you want to run in order to reach potential customers. Unlike other platforms, this involves money, and in return, you instantly increase your reach and generate higher conversions.

SEO Services Aberdeen

SEO services Aberdeen provides ranking services through search engines. We help businesses rank on relevant keywords that people search for.

I. What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is the method to utilize certain techniques in order to rank on Google. When a user searches for a gadget in the Google search bar, the links that appear on the first page as a result of that query are search engine optimised because they are shown at the top of the page. Read this article for more information on The Importance of Search Engine Optimisation and the top 10 SEO tools.


II. SEO is Important Because

SEO services Aberdeen is perfect for cost-effective digital marketing as it involves little to no money, and still, you reach millions of audiences online that can be your potential customers. These customers help your business generate higher conversions.

Once ranked, you have maximum chances to be reached by a large number of traffic. This traffic has the greatest possible chances to be potential customers and eventually generate income.

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