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#1 on Google - How to rank number one in Google?

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

How to rank number one in Google step by step guide. In fact, you will see the exact process that we use to rank many of our clients on the first page of Google and the tactics and techniques we implement to achieve first page on Google Search.

First you need several tools to analyse and monitor your progress, it may be worth bookmarking our definitive guide to “The Best SEO Tools complete guide 2021”.

How to rank number one in Google?

Some competition for certain keywords is extremely fierce so you must think outside the box, two simple and easy strategies are to geo locate your search term by adding your location, if promoting your web design agency in Aberdeen you could try adding the `shire so rather than website design Aberdeen you could try, “Website Design Aberdeenshire” you could also try adding a popular term such like “Affordable” website design Aberdeen. There are many permutations you just need to try see what has a search volume. By using this tactic, you could quickly benefit from ranking on the first page in Google amazingly fast.

We often use the above tactics with new domains that have an exceptionally low domain authority and have witnessed first page rankings in under 6 weeks, rather than chase the rainbow that has 2,500 searches every month we target the term that has 500 searches, if even 3% turn into sales, then we are in business.

Bounce Rate

Many studies have shown the importance of bounce rate, a site with an exceptionally low bounce rate will out rank any site that has a high bounce rate.

how to improve google ranking

What is Bounce rate?

This metric is used by Googles Algorithm to calculate the time a visitor spends at your website, the longer the visit the better. This alone will allow us to rank a website that has leys say 10 more times of visitors, its all about time spent at your website, this affirms to Google below.

1. That your website is interesting.

2. You have interesting content.

3. Your Visitor is engaging

4. Your website is easy to navigate.

Like YouTube that uses the term “Audience Retention” this is the number 1 factor when YouTube ranks videos, the more watch time the better the ranking, same as Google who owns YouTube and with a website the Audience Retention is just as important.

Obviously, if lots of people bounce from your website, it sends a strong message to Google that people do not like your content and as a result your rankings will suffer.

How do you improve your bounce rate?

To improve your bounce rate you must capture your audience in the first seconds of coming to your website, as an example check out the home page of our own website here Website Design Aberdeen

We opted to play an animation that would capture an audience and retain for at the very least one minute, it was out belief that after this animation visitors to our website would be intrigued enough to browse more of our website. The animation also gets across our core message and service.

Now this animation in our office was the topic of much debate and to this day we still have a chuckle with those who were against the animation. You see the animation effects page loading times and Google also measures this as a deciding factor when ranking your website, it was always a no, no to play any video content that would affect page loading, this would cause people to leave frustrated awaiting on the site loading, even if you have good 5G and or fibre the visitor to your website may not.

Thankfully, we engineered something that would load quick, and this was no simple undertaking, the video you watch was rendered 128 times until we had something that worked for us.

Do not jump feet first into video or animation on your main page as it may do you more damage than good, the point we are trying to get across is capture your audience and there are many ways to do this through other content.


Now, if your content is good rich content providing useful information others may link back to your article and this will give your page and website good domain authority, backlinks at one time were an important metric when factoring your web ranking on google but not so much today, they are still important but not essential. Many websites have just do not have such content so backlinks and not as important as they once were.

Internal links.

Internal links are important, this links your website together, causes ease of navigation and directing to other articles and content much like this article does provides the potential to increase time spent on your website as aforementioned is only a good thing to decrease your bounce rate.

I always feel when reading an article that points to similar articles gives off that the writer is an expert in this field and give depth to what I am reading. If there are several other articles linked together then it completes the circle in my head and may even answer some questions I had while reading.

Outbound Links

Least important but you should still have some, let us say you are writing something and wish to expand by sending your visitor to a certain authority then it will compliment your page and content, let us explain.

You are writing an article about SEO Search engine optimisation you may wish to link to Patrick Chemoul who is one of the leading experts in this field. It will do no harm linking to a Brian Dean video on you tube, another guru on the subject from Backlinko. Or you could even link to Neil Patel the creator of the popular SEO Tool ubersuggest. The point is linking to these external sources will validate your page and confirm to googles search engine that your article is indeed about this topic, this will all stand you in good stead to rank on the first page of Google.

Inserting Images will help your Google ranking.

Written content must be broken up to make your content enjoyable these can be charts, visualizations or infographics all displaying information and rich content related to your page -

something to be visually appealing to the reader if your content is broken up with images it becomes way more enjoyable, resulting in visitors staying on your website for longer.

Try providing content through your images via clip art or even graphs to display content in a colour that fits with your page.

Images also have rich content suck like alt tags and the image name that will help Google rank your page accordingly and confirm teh content within.

For example, think of your own habits, would you read a blog of 2000 words with textual content only? After the first couple of paragraphs most would bounce…… But, if your page is packed with fun content from screenshots, visuals or other media you can make the read enjoyable to the end.

You do not need to go crazy and use a lot of images in every post. This could be just as off putting as no images, it’s a fine art and you need to find the balance. Even a p[age with one image will out perform a page with none at all.

Google pays awfully close attention to how people interact with your website, and they want to see that people click on your site in the search results. If an above average amount of people click on your site, it tells Google people really want to see this content, and we need to push it to the top of the page.

CTR Click-through rate

This is known as organic click-through rate, which is an SEO ranking factor that is becoming more and more important every day. If you are not optimising your site for CTR,

you are missing out on a lot of organic traffic.

Even with all the above in place and all the talk of bounce rate you first need ton attract the visitor, right. Even with a first page ranking lets assume you are ranked third or even fourth, you can still pot perform the ranking above you by as much as x5. How, let us sprinkle some of that magical algorithmic stardust on this article.

Think of what you see when you search for a term on Google, extraordinarily little, on the Google search you are presented with a title and a few lines of text extraordinarily little to work with and to get the attention of the visitor. Here is what we do, whenever possible always use a number and or characters when possible “#1 on Google - How to rank number one in Google “ It just stands out and gets the attention, this alone can see you get 5 times more traffic than the competition.

Many studies over the years have shown that titles that contain a number get clicked on more than titles without a number. In many categories the phrase Top 10 outperforms any other title.

Website Design Aberdeen Scotland

In the textual content below put something dramatic “100% effective technique to rank number 1 on Google Search.

Google searchers are impatient, they want an answer to their question or help with their problem instantly, so it is important to emphasize that your advice works.

Therefore we included the phrase #1 on Google - How to rank number one in Google.

If you are reading this blogpost then you will already know the importance of mentioning your target keyword a few times in your content. For example, you can see that we have several times mentioned the term “How to rank number one in Google? ” and have referred to Google Search ranking many times throughout this article. Now we are not stuffing the page with random words but are organically mentioning to let Google

know that our content is about that keyword, and to help them understand the content even better,

Semantic SEO to improve Google ranking

Semantic will analyse the content of your page, it will simply reference your title, heading tags, images and alternative tags and will expect the same keywords and related words to appear in the content of your page.

These related words and phrases help Google understand your content's topic.

For example, let us take this article and its title, if you look on the first page of Google for this you will also see the below search queries as Titles of articles.

How do I get top ranking on Google search engine?

  • How do you rank in Google?

  • Can I pay Google to rank higher?

  • How To Get To The Top Of Google Search Results?

  • How to improve your Google Rankings?

Add a handful of these phrases, terms, and questions to your article, and you will help Google better understand.

what your content is all about.

SEO Review and Revive

You will be shocked at how many content creators on a website, blog, vlog on YouTube cerate content and never again look at it again, over 95% survived by WDA Design in 2019 said they never returned to their work after uploaded – BIG MISTAKE. Each month you should review and spend time on older articles, giving them subtle changes may be a game changer. I’ve had content that has seen upwards of 100,000 views by changing the title and a heading tag to include the current year, I may have created the article last year, but I log in and update to read title…. 2021 and my ranking on google and views go into a new stratosphere.

Whatever the content you have most likely takes days or even weeks to create this, why you would not set aside even a couple of hours each month to review content is insane, really think about it your content is not established and been on the WebSphere for perhaps a year so just a little freshen up may see exponential results. ALWAYS review and Revive, all the hard work has been doing not so this is the easy bit.

Furthermore, the Google search engine will reward sites that do review old content, in fact did you know that YouTube which is part of GOOGLE will reward channels that delete older videos that are not performing. If you have a benchmark let’s, say 10,000 views, anything over a year old and under this benchmark get rid, they are weighing your channel down.

SEO Strategy

Perhaps the best analogy would be a shop and the stock within, now we all want to be on the high street and not hidden down some back alley, they high street being the first page on Google and the alley being anything beyond the first page.

Now if you had surplus stock form last year or even a few years back, you would not have this front and centre in your shop window, it would begin life in the window, 6 months later it would be in the ship and if still not moving it would be in the bin, this is the way the retail world works although before bin you may snap up for a bargain.

The point here is do not keep old stagnant content as part of your website, review and revive and if it still does not perform then recycle it. I have complied some great content from recycles content.

How to rank number one in Google? Recap, most websites are business websites for local business, these may be builders, plumbers, or electricians, it could be for a local restraint take away food or even a corporate website. Your main goal for this company should always be to rank on the 1st page of Google, to be on the high street. Remember do not chase the words and phrases everyone else is asking to try think outside the box. A good step is to think what potential customers are searching for and asking to google, you could then add your geographic location, state, city, or town within. You could add numbers to the title, words such as Affordable, the best, Family run and honest always perform very well in title or first sentence of the SEO description. Always think what you would search for if looking for such a business, this is always a good starting point.

At WDA Design we have a dedicated team who perform extraordinary results ranking businesses on the first page of Google, contact us today to see how we can help bring your business to the coveted first page of the google search engine and reap from the many benefits. We can produce results in as quick as 6 to 8 weeks. At WDA Design we create the foundations of all websites with SEO and raking on Google at the core of our design.

Again, several times in this article we have asked to think of your own habits now let me finish with a simple question.

When Was the Last Time you Visited Page 2 on a Google Search?

Thank you for reading and please do leave a comment below on what SEO tactic has worked best for you.


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