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Top 10 SEO Tools: The Complete List

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Over several months we carried out an extensive case study on the Top 10 SEO tools available today, so you don’t need to. Here is without doubt the absolute best SEO tools you must have for research, analysis, auditing, design and development.

I am aware there are other articles on this topic that go on for an eternity, believe me when I say we have researched many tools that never made the cut, after all this SEO article is to present you with the absolute best, (top 10) therefore there is no point in listing our negative comments and findings on the tools that never worked for us.

Always remember “Content is King” and these tools should help and not detract us from the objective which is creating, designing and developing.

top 10 SEO tools

Top 10 SEO Tools

We have focused in on practical tools that will highlight any negative ranking factors and how to improve, tools that will help design, develop and produce important research results in seconds. SO in no particular order here is not in out opinion but tried and tested the 10 best SEO tools for webmasters in 2021.


Of all my recommendations on this list Wappalyzer is perhaps the tool I have used for the longest time, like the reliable older uncle Wappalyzer is that ingenious piece of software that you will always return.

Its simply a must for any design and developer, best part is this tool is absolutely free. All us designers have all been there, browsing the websphere when we see something unique, something different and we get to wondering how this was achieved - enter Wappalyzer that will seamlessly help you Identify technologies on websites, tell you what platform was used to design and develop the site and the many features within, this tool is truly remarkable and is a MUST.

wappalyzer seo tool

Other features include lead generation, multiple site look-up, market research, competitor analysis and complete breakdown of their website structure. The beauty of this SEO tool is that its a browser ad on and so convenient, personally I use this on Google Chrome but check out there website below to find a complete list of compatibility.

Official Website:


My own personal go to tool for Keyword research, Ubersuggest is light user friendly and offers 4 main services, keywords by traffic, domain overview, backlinks and SEO analyser. if you are managing only one website then Ubersggest in comparison to its main competitors is real value for money and even offers a lifetime purchase. Developed by Neil Patel Ubersuggest at the time of writing offers 3 free searches per day and also ha s chrome extension.

UberSuggest for keyword research

Keyword research is an essential tool, this seamless and easy to use tool with save you literally weeks and months of trial and error. When creating your site or advertising campaigns you need to know what has search volume and what does not, this tool will set you on your way to ranking first for any particular search phase in your industry.

Google Search Central

Everyones ultimate goal is to rank on the search engine and with Google dominating this space Google Search Central, formerly Google Webmasters is an essential tool. Part of Google search central is the Core Web Vitals, these have become ultra important white hat practices and you can find an overview at this article we wrote on Google Core Web Vitals when Google updated their algorithm.

Of all the SEO tools in this top 10 list Google Search Central is perhaps the deepest and were one should spend most of their time learninig SEO techniques and training, no infographics, status bars or flashing lights like other search engine optimisation tools - set more like a wikipedia page the search central has an ABUNDANCE of tools and better still they are all FREE.

google search central for SEO techniques and training

In GSC one can control the crawling and indexing of your website, submit urls for crawl indexing, manage your xml sitemap, create custom 404 pages and learn of special tags that Google understands. There really is a huge amount of untapped content in this treasure trove and its always being updated, I guarantee there will be things hidden in here that you never knew.

This offers a complete and comprehensive advanced guide to all developers, manage international languages, search API’s for site verification. The search console, url testing and indexing.

Answer The Public

I just had to include this super fun tool that I have been using for years, its helps with keyword search phrases especially questions which makes up a huge portion of google searches. The data is presented in such a unique way I never get tired of using this tool and it sits proudly in my toolbar.

Focusing on those questions we ask Google how, what, who and why are the focused results of the ask the public search tool.

Official Website:

A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence.” — James N. Watkins


If you are looking for a paid version that provides almost everything under one roof then look no further than MOZ. The drawback here is it cost but the Pro provides and all-in-one toolset that leaves no stone unturned, in fact there is actually little SEO solutions that cannot be accomplished with Moz Pro. This may also be attractive as it offers so many SEO tools from one account, keyword research, site audits, rank tracking and backlink analysis.

seo infographic of mom dashboard

When it comes to authority on the subject of search engine optimisation look no further and if you have the budget to subscribe you won’t be disappointed, you will also benefit from the bottomless vault of SEO workshops and training.

Moz offers a free trial version and often has good deals on a years subscription, the free SEO tool trial version is 30 days and provides and excellent overview and understanding on what you would gain from the paid version called Moz Pro.

Official Website

Check My Links

The very thing that will get you penalised in a hurry is broken links, check out all the big websites and you will see they have ZERO broken links, their SEO Company Aberdeen (sorry had to drop hat location for my own SEO strategy) but the company responsible for the SEO will run weekly checks with this Check My Links tool.

check your website for broken links

Broken links are also a good resource for SEO specialists who can use this to interject our own content and direct that “link juice” in our direction and this tool makes finding broken links a breeze.

Official Website: Check My Links

Mobile Friendly Test

As of last year visitors on mobile surpassed that of Desktop. Source StatCounter reports consistent figures that show the mobile phone internet usage which is growing rapidly accounts for Mobile 54.33% of online visitors, Desktop 42.77% and the tablet 2.9% therefore it would come as no surprise that Google now penalises websites and pages that are not fully optimised for a good real world user experience on mobile.

optimise your website for mobile

This no frills tool will tell you if your page is mobile friendly or NOT, no bells and whistles of flashing lights on this app but an essential to avoid downrank your website on the search rankings. As well I utilising this tool I would highly recommend that you frequently visit your website on a phone and tablet to experience first hand, these tools are excellent but sometimes human intervention is also needed.

With more than half of all online traffic shopping from a mobile device, it is extremely important to make sure your website is equipped, optimised and ready for use mobile on a mobile device, viewing on these devises as become just as important as the visiting form a computer.See our article on Optimising for Mobile.

Panguin Tool

If your website has been live circa 2017 and you did at some point dabble in SEO that may not be organic then this tool may be beneficial, especially if your ranking has dipped.

image of the penguin tool

The release of Google Penguin punished many websites who practised in Black Hat tactics to boost their SEO optimisation. Penguin has been part of Googles Core Algorithm since 2018.

Official Website:

Exploding Topics

With change comes huge opportunity for clients, exploding topics measures trends and new search phrases suck as tiktok ads, Covid19 and the subsequent explosion of the term "staycation". being ahead of the game with new trends and phrases could allow you to optimise for your audience and to capture some of this audience for a client. As example the word "Staycation" would have been gold dust to the holiday park, hotel and those offering holidays and home and accommodation.

exploding topics seo research tool

This website surfaces rapidly growing search terms and topics before they explode, the free version is comprehensive and you can sign up for a weekly newsletter. Formerly this tool was purchased last year by Brian Dean of backlinko and redesigned and branded "Exploding Topics" Brian is a real authority in the SEO space and when he invests in suck an SEO tool you just know he has identified the huge potential.

Official Website:


The herfs site audit is unrivalled, it will analyse your website reporting back any errors found and will even offer advice on what corrective action is needed to fix the reported issue, the site audit feature is one of the best online today. You can see from the illustration below in the menu the many resources offered by aherfs, from inbound to outbound links and just so much data to analyse.

SEO health from aherfs

Visual graphs of various elements help easily display load time, file size, content encoding and much more. As of writing they were offering a week pass that allowed full access to their many features for only £5 or $7, a fantastic weeks access that I wish more SEO tools online and software companies offered.

Fix your technical SEO issues with sherifs, this tool has incredible depth and really is the best at monitoring the health of your website.

Official Website:

Essential and Best SEO Tools

We hope you liked this article and found it useful, I opted not to repeat similar tools and to include essential SEO tools that would avoid hurting your ranking position. Also included are many awesome tools that will help with research, analysis and training that provides endless information on the subject of Search Engine Optimisation SEO

What do you think of this Top 10 ?

Have I missed any of your favourites?

I would love to check them out

Leave a comment, let me know....


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