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Does your web designer need to be local?

I have always been a strong proponent that web designers do not necessarily have to be local. This coming form a person that has always believed in meeting face to face, however this has been more over face over email opinion. I also believe in picking up the phone and so much can be gathered from a telephone conversation, not to mention video conferencing.

Now lets break down the statistics, at WDA Design if we were to say a 40 mile radios is local, we have a 62% local customer base, a further 20% in our country Scotland, 16% in the wider United Kingdom and 2% international.

The above statistics shows that there have been a high percentage of clients who we have actually never met in person, this is the beauty of video calling, not the same as meeting in person I know but clients for sure can make an informed decision from vibes and atmosphere as communicated through video calling. We must also take into consideration our website will organically be displayed more often to local on search.

One might say that to find the best you must widen your search, this is true for every profession wether its be sports, IT, Salesperson or other, the wider your search then the more skilled and qualified person you will reach.

Zero of the below important skills form a web designer can be proven at meeting only, the majority of the below skills can actually be verified through your portfolio and previous works and more importantly through reviews and testimonials. On the agreement of several happy clients I will always offer direct contact with several of my previous clients for direct credibility.

Key skills for web designers

  • Imagination.

  • Creativity.

  • Patience.

  • Attention to detail.

  • Analytical skills.

  • Communication skills.

  • Technical ability.

  • Excellent IT skills.

In closing, its a myth that your designer has to be local, whereas I have local clients I visit often due to the workload, marketing and social media management there are others I do not meet with regularly, there business website may not require frequent changes and I am always open to meet at any time on occasion there may be no need.

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