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The 7 Step SEO Approach for Long Term Success

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

This article, along with other educational resources and case studies, is intended to help you understand the specifics of an SEO strategy in 7 easy steps: keyword research, optimising your content for search engines, backlinks, metrics and analytics and more.

In 2022, in order for your website/listing/content to be effective, you need to understand and employ the 7 fundamental steps of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Learning SEO takes time and effort, but it doesn't have to be difficult. These are the principles I have personally followed to earn my clients an online presence that has made them some significant revenue.

SEO tools

#1 SEO Basics

The first step for any web developer or company owner is to have regular and engaging content on your website. Write content that is first relevant to your website and keeps the visitor engaged, the best way to achieve this is a nice blend of both verbiage and images and best to keep clear of paid ads appearing on your website as you have no control of the content and such websites have a high.bounce rate.

#2 Search Engine Algorithms

Both Neil Patel and Brian Dean of Backlinco are authorities and specialists in the SEO field, when they both suggest a change to get ahead of the curve we should listen. Neil Patel and Brian Dean have both commented that Google’s search algorithm will put more weight and emphasis on page retention, (how long does a person stay on your website) This theory makes sense as its the main metric of YouTube to rank video in the suggested video section.

If you have an e-commerce website and users make a quick purchase this data is recognised by google and such websites won’t be penalised. That being said the decision making process for a purchase and seamless navigation to payment gateway can still take 5 minutes.

This article covers the seven steps to doing SEO in 2022. By following these techniques, you will be able to develop a successful, effective and ethical search engine optimisation strategy to enhance your online profile and increase your brand awareness.

#3 Keyword Research

Researching Keywords for content or articles on your website is one of the most important tools you can have in your arsenal, especially if you are writing content from scratch. It is also one of the most overlooked strategies out there. It doesn't matter if you are an experienced writer, or just starting off, keyword research is an essential part of your day-to-day activities for any business.

Doing your research is SEO 101, there are plenty of web tools that will help you doing this keyword research, Ubersuggest and SEM Rush are two fantastic paid tools that will provide you with all the information you need. Check out this article on the Top 10 SEO tool complete list

#4 Optimise your Content and Images

SEO optimise your images

Always a good idea to keep your house tidy, check your website for broken links is an excellent practice. I actually use this tactic to find broken links on other high authority websites, I create an article around this content then contact the user providing them with a new article to link too, this works almost every time.

A good image can make or break a listing. Images with high resolution and large file size limits receive greater exposure from the search engine. This higher exposure increases your chance of selling your item to someone in a far away land. Just remember to optimise your images for SEO friendly keywords and watch those viewers turn into buyers!

#5 Backlinks and Link Building

The above broken links best practice, we actually use this tactic to find broken links on other high authority websites, I create an article around this content then contact the user providing them with a new article to link too, this works almost every time.

If you have great valuable content do not be afraid to reach our to other esbites asking if they would link to your content, join SEO forums and make the audience aware of your new article on a particular subject.

#6 Metrics and Analytics

SEO techniques

These are fantastic tools that will provide you with a wealth of information that you can use to implement an SEO technique and strategy. I never ceased to amaze my the amount of website designers and developers I networked with and got to finding a HUGE percentage of them never enter their clients analytics, massive FAIL.

One very simple tactic would be to analyse visitors to a particular page, compare your website pages and you will find some perform better than others, why. This provides you with a smile blueprint, find our why a certain page is perform g do well and implement the similar search engine optimisation techniques to the page that is not performing - it really is that was.

#7 SEO Test and Authenticate

Google search consul is an excellent tool, I always dedicate a few hours every month in the search consul running tests. Also for any new content this should be part of your procedure and process, to always check new content before launching live on your or your clients company website.

We hope this 7 step SEO strategy will assist you improving your website, remember search engine optimisation is an ongoing process and you should always dedicate time to improve your SEO.

WDA Web Design Aberdeen will be attending SEO Fundamentals Evening in London April 4th and 5th 2022, we look forward to networking and introducing ourselves at the event.


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