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Five Steps for an Optimal Website

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Do you want your business website to exceed and outperform your competition?

Does your website enhance your visitors experience resulting in happy customers and potential new clients?

Has your website been constructed correctly from the foundations up, are you sending good trust signals to google and other major search engines, or are you raising RED flags.

Below are 5 steps to improve your site performance, domain authority and ranking, tried and tested strategies that will increase your website performance to achieve maximum growth, keeping happy customers while attracting potential new clients.

1. Necessity Mobile Friendly Website

Year on year the percentage of people visiting a website has been increasing on a mobile & tablet device while decreasing on a desktop, the balance tipped as far back as October 2016 when Mobile users surpassed desktop visitors, refer to the below internet usage stat counter

This number has been steadily increasing by 2% every year since and today mobile and tablet devices account for 61.9% of global internet usage. For this reason its imperative your website is responsive across all platforms.

Important things to think about from the users perspective.

You MUST have a call button, make it easy for a potential customer to call you directly from their mobile browser.

If you have a physical location integrate a map button, a call to action that will open a map application automatically and the user can find their way to your business seamlessly.

Look at your font size, make sure it can be read easily by all, this does not always mean a bigger font but a cleaner crisp font that is easier to read.

A smart web designer will restructure your website and certain code that will make your website more responsive on a mobile device and remove certain items to allow for a quicker loading time.

2. Legitimate and Genuine Website Reviews

Do not be afraid to ask for a review, I have an interesting story on this one. There is a business we were introduced to 2 years ago, they were a service company who provided an excellent service and had been doing so for a number of years since I was introduced. I was confused when I noticed they only had 7 reviews on their business profile.

I explained to them, “you provide an excellent service”, something I witnessed myself on several occasions when visiting the business, “you should be politely asking for a review”. We had new business cards made up with a QR code on the back, which you scanned to take you directly to there business profile review page. Today they have over 600 reviews with a 4.8 rating, after only months they were outperforming their competition.

Don’t ask, don’t get…….

3. Search Engine Optimisation is a MUST

Ensure all micro data has been coded into the structure of your website, there are so few following this practice, this is a language where you are speaking directly to the search engine, why would you not speak directly to the algorithm that you want to enhance your ranking?

GMB just may be more important than your website, GMB supersedes all ranking factors and displays first therefore your attention and time should be spend claiming your listing and updating. They also have call to action buttons for call, directions, share profile and to link to your website.

Another important factor is to increase your domain authority, domains with a higher domain authority almost always appear above those with lesser. At Website Design Aberdeen we specialise in increasing domain authority, this is a 6 to 8 weak process see the following prices page for more information. Or contact us for a free DA check, we will reply with your current domain authority.

4. Know your customer

It is very, very IMPORTANT to remove your emotion from the web design process. Listen to your developer as they are looking at your website from the customers perspective whereas you are the business owner. The website may not be about what you like but more about what the masses like and what your potential customers like. If in doubt with your developers advise ask as many friends and family.

If your website has a payment gateway then make the process from adding to cart to purchase as seamless as possible, when visitors add to cart they have already made the decision to purchase your product or service, make the next part easy and have them glide through the payment process. No additional pop ups, pages or questions.

5. Images are key

Images are full of data and an excellent way to strengthen your website.

Images are part of every website and if used correctly can result in an enjoyable experience for your visitor all the while getting across your business message. Images must also be SEO optimised correctly. Make sure they are of sufficient quality and load quickly so your load time is not increased, this is something that can hinder your website as you will be penalised by Google Web Vitals, believe me we have done all the testing and seen the resulting drop in teh ranking first hand account.

When we see an image at WDA Design Aberdeen we again see an opportunity to speak directly to the search engine algorithm. We do this by Geo Tagging every image with rich content and geo coordinates to identify our business, range and location.


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